Latex Designers

Some of my favorite latex designers:

Polymorphe – designer Mario Bouchard, from Montreal. Retail only.

Ego Assassin – designer in Toronto, they also teach latex classes: [Facebook]

HMS Latex – model turned designer from France. Beautiful designs.

Fierce Couture – US designer. Fierce designs.

Vex Clothing – US designer. The best custom work.

Atsuko Kudo – London, UK designer. Hello Kitty MAC makeup commercial.

Savage Wear – German designer. Really, really cool catsuits.

House of Harlot – London, UK designer. Makers of the “Candyman” sailor outfit.

Torture Garden – Owned by House of Harlot now. Fantastic designs.

Absolute Danny – European designer. Very unique designs.

Syren – Long time US designer.

Simon O – European designer. Very cool catsuits.

Anatomic Bomb – UK designer with a very cool name :)

Baroness – US designer. Very classy designs.

Bondinage – UK designer.

Breathless UK – UK designer.

Delicia – UK designer. Nice dresses.

Jane Doe Latex – US designer.

Libidex – UK designer. Really cool catsuits.