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Fetish Weekend 2010

Photo shoot we did before and after the Latextacy Ball in Montreal in September. Considering there was a party going on in the room at the time I think I got a few good shots.

Must do more with this model & outfit soon.

Back in December, my friend came over after work around 3am and I had her try on this Ego Assassin dress. 20 minutes later I had my lights setup in my bedroom (hence the clutter behind) and my camera out for an impromptu photo shoot.

She’s a natural. Watch for more from her soon…

In case you didn’t see the link to the Latex Photo Workshop, here is the gallery:

Jade in Trans Blue

I’ve entered 3 of my photos in this contest. Feel free to sign up and vote for them :) I believe you get 3 free votes…

Fetish Buzz

My id is Lendl97 and there are 2 from the workshop set (Mosh & Jade) and one from the fountain set.


Ro and Megan in the park.

Idelsy wearing Rockstar Microplunge

Idelsy wearing Rockstar Microplunge

I just added a page with a list of some of the best latex designers. Check it out.

Photo: Idelsy wearing Rockstar Microplunge by Ego Assassin

Elissa in studio and on location at the Aviation Museum

Wearing “The Candyman” outfit by House of Harlot and Rockstar Boomers and Microplunge by Ego Assassin


Latex photos and designs coming your way…